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THE BERT KAEMPFERT ORCHESTRA directed by TONY FISHER report a highly successful November tour of Holland and Germany with standing ovations. Sell-out big band orientated audiences in Utrecht, Rotterdam, same also the performances in Hamburg, Magdeburg, Potsdam, also in Zug, Switzerland where Bert Kaempfert lived for twenty years. Tony Fisher and Marion Kaempfert take the Orchestra to Hamburg as a base for another tour in March.

Personnel for the November 1996 Tour: TONY FISHER, Trpt & Flugel led Mark Chandler, Gavin Mallet, Ian Wood, Mark Cumberland, Tpts; Cliff Hardie, Pat Hartley, Malcolm Smith, Steve Rinaldi. Tbns; Alan Beever, Al Newman, Gary Cox, Clive Hitchcock, Jay Craig Saxes. Rhythm; Clive Dunstall, Mike Smith, Dave Richmond, Jud Proctor, Bill Brown. Strings; Godfrey Salmon, Brent Snell, Stephanie Niemira, Laila Titley, Sarah Voight, Mardyah Tucker. Voices; Joan Baxter, Tracy Miller, Tony Hayes, Ken Barrie.

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