The Bert Kaempfert Appreciation Society

bkao A big welcome from the Bert Kaempfert Appreciation Society. The Society was formed in February 2000 in the U.K. to cater for the massive interest in Bert Kaempfert's wonderful music and in the concerts of the Bert Kaempfert Orchestra lead by Tony Fisher. My name is Andrew Fairmaner and I have been an avid fan of Bert Kaempfert from a very early age.

I was delighted when his daughter, Marion Kaempfert, asked if I would run an appreciation society to go alongside the work of the orchestra and keep the music alive. We have around two hundred founding members, mostly in the U.K., but with fans across the globe. With the introduction of the new websites, I hope that we can reach even more people.

What can the Society offer?

We have published a magazine, with current news, the history of Kaempfert and his music, lesser seen photographs and cover art and feedback for the fans. We have close contact with Bert Kaempfert Music in Germany, with Marion and Tony Fisher, and we have a wealth of information on the man and his music. As well as being a social organisation for fans around the world, we welcome any questions or feedback from members.

The Appreciation Society is based at the address below, but please feel free to e-mail myself at with any comments, thoughts or suggestions. The Society and its magazine is an interactive group and I would love to hear from other fans.



Andrew Fairmaner
PO Box 389
United Kingdom